Program Business

BusinessMerger & Acquisition Services has been instrumental in the placements of program business, serving either MGA’s or insurance carriers. 

For MGA clients, our firm's extensive relationship with numerous insurance carriers helps us quickly work with our client to identify and contact appropriate program administrators for their program. Using a third party for this process helps ensure confidentiality as introductions are only made to program administrators who understand your lines of business and are qualified to implement your program.  
Our advisors recognize the unique nature of a program relationship and work throughout the process in optimizing the structure for our client to ensure they maximize the overall value of their program. This industry experience helps assure that you find an appropriate partner based upon your specific needs.

For carrier clients, our firm is positioned to help identify best in class MGA’s to partner with on a program basis. Our extensive MGA database allows us to actively search for properties that meet our client’s requirements based upon several criteria including premium volume or lines of business.  By conducting confidential searches, our team is able to present opportunities to our carrier clients which are both strategic in nature and deliver underwriting favorable underwriting results. Our advisors work hand and hand with our clients throughout this process with the goal of establishing partnerships for the long term. 

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