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Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc., provides a complete range of investment banking services for Wholesale and Retail Insurance Agencies, Managing General Agents & Managing General Underwriters (MGA/MGU), Third Party Administrators (TPA), and Program Administrators.  Whether you are looking to sell your firm or to grow through acquisition, Merger & Acquisition Services is ready to help with a dedicated team of professionals.  We understand the needs of business owners and will help guide you through the M&A process in order to maximize your agency’s value.


Insurance distribution companies choose Merger & Acquisition Services to assist with agency acquisitions or divestitures for the following benefits:

  • Maximize value through a controlled auction sell side process.
  • Minimize execution risk in a transaction.
  • Research acquisition targets in buy side engagements.
  • Senior M&A advisors engaged in all matters of the transaction.
  • Provide a relevant universe of prospective companies from our Proprietary Databases.
  • Use of M&A’s Electronic Data Room.
  • Manage Due Diligence Process.
  • Recommendations of relevant and experienced M&A Attorneys, Accountants, and Executives.

Valuations & Deal Structure

  • Merger & Acquisition Service’s dedicated team of M&A professionals maximize the value of your agency by evaluating key operational and financial metrics, and recommending what specific value drivers may be adjusted to increase the fundamental value.
  • Merger & Acquisition Services key objective is to maximize your company’s value through strategic acquisitions or divestitures.
  • Below is a table illustrating an example of a deal structure for insurance distribution company that includes upfront cash at closing and a three year earn out.

To learn more about valuations please view our Valuations Webinar.

M&A Process
Merger & Acquisition Service’s team of M&A professionals will help navigate you through all phases of the process in order to help you achieve your M&A goals.


  • Evaluation of key operational and financial metrics of the company and creation of pro-forma financial statements.
  • Determine objective target parameters, including firm size, lines of business, geographic location, and strategic fit.


  • Define the target market of companies that will provide the best price, terms and strategic fit for your company.
  • Develop and execute a marketing strategy to attract the best targets and strategic fit for your company.
  • Pre-screen prospective companies to reduce execution risk for a transaction.
  • Create a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and Blind Profile documents to market to the target market.


  • Merger & Acquisition Services conducts a controlled auction to maximize the selling price of your agency and insuring that you are getting the best possible deal.
  • Merger & Acquisition Services contacts prospective targets using direct mail, email, and telephone to set up meetings with targets.
  • Recommending and working with key professionals on the M&A team, including deal attorneys, accountants, and key executives.

To learn more about the M&A Process please view our M&A Process Webinar.

Due Diligence & Contracts

  • Merger & Acquisition Services utilizes secure Electronic Data Rooms to control access to, simplify diligence requests, and to centralize all documents needed for the deal.
  • Merger & Acquisition Services manages the due diligence process to assist buyers or sellers and their advisors conduct a comprehensive investigation of all of the details of the business.
  • Merger & Acquisition Services assists your attorneys in providing information and documents and other ancillary contracts to complete the sale.
  • To learn more about Due Diligence & Contracts please view our Due Diligence & Contracts Webinar.


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