Electronic Data Room

InsuranceDue diligence is one of the most important phases of any transaction. With the introduction of our Electronic Data Room, clients are now able to access important deal information right from their PC and know that the material will not only be safe and secure, but also readily available. Just by visiting our website, clients can log on to our dedicated servers in order to access important due diligence material on a target prospect once the appropriate Confidentially Agreement has been executed. This information can be accessed at any time, from any location and by multiple parties.


Electronic Data Room Benefits Include:


Only one set of due diligence material needs to be produced.

Only qualified buyers who have completed your company specific Non Disclosure and/or Confidentiality Agreement have access to the information.

Login records available upon request helps eliminate retransmissions to unknown third parties common with email.

Dedicated servers, secured using SSL technology and guaranteed removal of all material upon project completion.

24/7 access to material through any internet connection. Compare multiple acquisition opportunities in a timely manner.

One central repository for all documents. View, download and print all necessary information.

Multiple user accounts available (allowing colleagues and outside advisors access to due diligence information even if they are offsite).


Security Benefits
Our sophisticated login method not only helps prevent unauthorized entry, it also allows Merger & Acquisition Services to keep a detailed record of who visited each data-room, what information they reviewed and when they reviewed it. All data is hosted on dedicated servers and encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL technology secures the data-room by encrypting information and providing user authentication.

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